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Crypto Playing Cards

Lager: Lager
CHF 12.90 CHF 14.90


Crypto Spielkarten

4-Farben Crypto Karten

Crypto Playing Cards is a new project launched in Switzerland by a cryptocurrency believer, a project that wants to help adoption by getting the general population acquainted with cryptocurrencies. You can use the cards to play Poker, Bridge, Blackjack or just about any card game with the Crypto Playing Cards, they just feature custom crypto art and are not a deck for a special crypto game or something like that. Instead of playing spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs, you’re now playing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and NEO. Every suit has different dominant colors and each character was specifically designed to proudly represent its cryptocurrency. The playing cards are crafted from premium cardstock and coated with extra smooth finish.

Crypto Spielkarten

52 Karten
plus 2 Joker in Spielkarten Karton-Böxli.